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About Carrington Homes

Welcome to the Carrington Homes website.  Please take a moment and look around - learn about us, what we do, how we do it, and what we can do for you.

At Carrington Homes, we strive to make the homebuilding experience a positive one in every way.  We pride ourselves on our character and integrity and steadfastly refuse to compromise either.

"Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion."
                               - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hagel


Doug Krause, President of Carrington Homes, has a true passion for construction which started early on in his life.  While most boys at the age of nine were playing Little League and dodge ball, Doug was building a bulldozer completely out of wood (see photo above) and constructing structures.  In fact, Christmas at his home was the most memorable when he received the gift of wood and tools.  At the age of eleven, he was already building small homes (see photo).  This passion has carried on through into his adult years.  Although Doug pursued and obtained a law degree from Valparaiso University and a Masters in Tax Law from Georgetown University, and after a


career practicing real estate law, has expanded into the construction field.

We believe that whether you are building your very first new home or a custom estate home, your Carrington Homes-built house will always meet the same high standards of excellence.  That's our 'old school' view of how all homes should be built, regardless of the size or purchase price.  In fact, our view of this philosophy of building came from a very personal experience.

In the late 1990s when Doug was practicing law, he purchased a new home that was more of a production house - you know, the kind of home that looks pretty much like all the other homes on the street with a few tweaks and changes so you can't really tell they are the same home.  Once Doug and his family moved in, he noticed a wealth of subpar quality issues throughout the construction.  The bell went off in his head - and he said to himself "I can do this better, and people deserve better."

That was the birth of Carrington Homes.  Doug took off running the business and hasn't slowed down since.